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Senator Thune Says Removing Lead From Ammo And Tackle Hurts South Dakotans

United States Senator John Thune says there are provisions he’s been working on in the Funding Package to get into the final spending bill before Congress adjourns for the year. According to Thune, removing lead from hunting ammunition and fishing tackle takes money from South Dakota.

South Dakota is a popular place for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

U.S. Senator John Thune says under the Obama Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing banning lead from hunting ammunition and fishing tackle – and that spells trouble for sportsmen and women in South Dakota.

“If the EPA banned lead in hunting ammunition and fishing tackle it obviously would dramatically increase the cost – pricing many hunting and fishing enthusiasts out of the market. These items will continue to be regulated by the agencies that currently control both ammunition and tackle, as opposed to the EPA, which again was trying to get its tentacles into this area as well,” says Thune.

Before congress adjourns Thune is also working on expediting “Impact Aid” payments to school districts across South Dakota, and a provision to keep the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service from lifting the sage grouse from the Endangered Species List for the fiscal year 2015.  

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