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Student Uses Photos To Highlight Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Credit Photo by Kenzie Bailey
Photo by Kenzie Bailey

Students in Black Hills State University’s Contemporary Issues in Photography class are taking their individual photos from a class collaboration and combining them into a book. The book is called ‘The Creative Difference’.
For the book project, students could photograph the theme of their choice.
Kenzie Bailey is a senior at BH. She says she was inspired by popular culture, and chose to photograph humans in the nude.

“Part of it had to do with my own body issues, but mainly what pushed for that was the kind of strange ideals that we have for our concept of beauty, specifically pushed by media and television and press and what not in the digital and technical age that we’re in now, and Photoshop changing everything, you know, creating unrealistic standards for beauty. I kind of just wanted to bring out these natural individuals and yet remove the human element so that way people would lose that judgmental attitude when looking at a photograph of a human,” says Bailey.
Bailey says the book showcases how the students grew as individuals, as friends, as a class, and as photographers.  
‘The Creative Difference’ book is available for the public to purchase. Themes range from Bailey's photos to a voyeuristic look at gamblers in Deadwood.

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