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South Dakota Photographer Donates Photo To Help Children In Southwest Asia

Steve Babbitt

A photographer from the Black Hills is donating one of his pictures to benefit children in Southwest Asia.

Steve Babbitt’s photo is helping children across the globe get better healthcare.

Black Hills State University Photography Professor Steve Babbitt is donating a picture he took to the Friends Without A Border photo auction.

Proceeds from the auction go towards improving healthcare for children in Southwest Asia.
Babbitt says he took the photo while visiting a park in downtown Seattle nearly eight years ago.
“One day I was there, it was very warm, kids were playing in the fountain, and I just had a sense that if I watched this kid long enough he would do something really kind of fun and interesting, and he did, so I got lucky,” says Babbitt.
The photo of that boy taken almost a decade ago is going up for bid in December.
“I feel great about it. I feel really fortunate that something that I love to do, a photograph that I took that I really enjoy, might generate revenue that will go to help some child half way around the world,” says Babbitt.
Babbitt’s photo is being auctioned along with pictures by famous photographers like Elliott Erwitt and Herb Ritts.

Babbitt says photos by famous photographers could go for more than $10 thousand dollars.
The Friends Without A Border auction has two parts - a live sale in New York City and an online sale where anyone can bid. Babbitt’s photo is part of the online auction. The sale takes place December 9th.
You can find out more about the Friends Without A Border photo auction at http://file.fwab.org/fwabphotoauction2014/index.html



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