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South Dakota Photo Goes To Auction To Improve Children's Healthcare Abroad

Steve Babbitt

Black Hills State University Photography Professor Steve Babbitt is donating one of his photos to the Friends Without A Border photography auction.

Proceeds from the auction go to help improve healthcare for children in Southwest Asia.

Babbitt says the photo auction is helping children across the globe – but it also helps young people in South Dakota.

“It came to pass almost accidentally. I met a gallery owner years ago who began representing a friend of mine who reminded her about me, and she asked me if I wanted to participate, and I did, and it all worked out. And I am forever telling my students that 80 percent of success has to do with just showing up. And I’m in this exhibit because I showed up, and I got lucky. And I like to think that the image is good, but you can have all the greatest images in the world but if you don’t show up they never come to anything,” says Babbitt.

Babbitt says the Friends Without A Border has two parts – a live auction in New York City and an online auction where anyone can bid – his photo is part of the online auction. The sale is taking place on December 9th.

You can find out more about the Friends Without A Border photo auction at http://file.fwab.org/fwabphotoauction2014/index.html

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