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Morning Fill Up Aims To Build Bridges, Dialog

An organization in Rapid City is featuring a new series of speakers in a project called “Morning Fill Up.”

The free series is being held atThe Garage, it’s  a recently opened co-working space for small businesses and individuals.   

Organizers hope the series will expand community dialog on new possibilities and ideas for both nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Speakers lined up include the President of the Bush Foundation; it’s a non-profit organization in Minnesota.  In January, the former Head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs under George Bush is slated to join the program.

Matt Ehlman is an organizer of the “Morning Fill Up” speaker series.

“It’s an opportunity to bring together folks that otherwise might not be in the same room to have a cup of coffee and talk with people that may not be in Rapid City otherwise.  And, we are really excited  about what could come from that and the ideas that could come out of that and really just learning and hearing from people that are passionate about what they do,” says Ehlman.

You can find more about the series on the Facebook page for The Garagehere and the organizations main website here.