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Prosecuters Considering Charges In Inmate Homicide Case

The South Dakota Attorney General says prosecutors have suspects in the homicide investigation in the death of state penitentiary inmate Kent Davidson.  The body of 37-year-old Davidson was found in his cell at the state penitentiary in Sioux Falls a week ago.  Davidson was serving a life sentence for fatally shooting his girlfriend, 26-year-old Crystal Schulz, in March of 2013.

Marty Jackely is the South Dakota Attorney General.   He says Davidson died of strangulation, but the circumstances of the case show no increased threat to the public, corrections officers, or other inmates at the prison.   Jackley says the investigation is ongoing, and prosecutors need time to determine what charges to file in this case.

“Now in South Dakota our homicide statutes range from first degree murder which carries death to life to assisted suicide which is only a two year felony so those are some of the matters under consideration," says Jackley.

Jackley says he hopes charges will come in this case within the next several days.  The Attorney General's office hasn't publicly identified any suspect involved in Davidson's death. The South Dakota Department of Corrections says Davidson had a cell mate who was deemed a low moderate risk.