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NRC Holds Black Hills Hearings Over Uranium Mine Proposal

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding hearings in the Black Hills this week.

The proceedings center around the proposal  by Azarga Uranium and Powertech USA to mine in the Southern Black Hills.

The NRC is spending time in Hot Springs listening to public testimony on the company’s mining plans.   

The commission is also holding an official hearing in Rapid City.  It is set up similar to a court case where both sides argue points for and against the mining proposal.

Eliot Brenner is a spokesperson for the NRC.  He says public comments have been open throughout the process and that continues with these hearings.    

“We have a number of opportunities for the public or interested parties to provide comments to the agency. They are all taken into account.  We have a legal process that is being followed.  If parties don’t like the decision of the judges there is the ability to appeal to the full five member commission in Rockville and beyond that there is the  opportunity to appeal into the federal court system.  The NRC wants everyone to have an opportunity to comment and has provided a manner in which they can do so,” says Brenner.

You can find more information and the NRC meeting schedule on the agency's public meeting webpage here.