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Flooded Roads Dangerous For Drivers

Amy Varland

Heavy rain showers have hit several towns across South Dakota recently and can make for dangerous driving conditions – flash floods can develop and roads can flood quickly.

Four young men had to be rescued from the roof of their car Tuesday in Butte County – when rescuers arrived the car was almost totally submerged.  One woman is still missing in Butte County after the SUV she was in was swept away in a flash flood.

Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere says motorists should not drive in areas that are covered in water because conditions can become dangerous quickly. He says if possible try to get on top of the vehicle and stay above the water, but if you do end up in a fast moving current…

“My recommendation if you’re found in them kind of waters is to relax yourself and try to get out of the current. Don’t fight the current and exhaust yourself. Let it carry you to the widest part, and then try to get your feet under you and get to the edge of the water. Trying to get back against the current is going to really exhaust you quicker and wear you out,” says Lamphere.

Lamphere says heavy rains can turn normally low-level creek beds into raging rivers in an instant. He says motorists should keep updated on possible severe weather when traveling.