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17-Year Old Boy Arrested For Hacking A High School Network System

A 17-year old Sioux Falls boy was arrested Monday after hacking into the O’Gorman Catholic High School network last Thursday. Officials suspected something when the network, phones and internet all went down. Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls police department say the juvenile is currently being charged with a felony of intentional damage to property. 

"The intentional damage to property is set out in state statute, basically by dollar amount. So anything under one-thousand dollars is going to be any one of varying degrees of misdemeanor. Anything over one-thousand dollars, I think up to ten-thousand dollars is one felony and then higher than that becomes a different felony," Clemens says.

Clemens says the recovery cost of the system was estimated to run over one-thousand dollars. He says this is an incident police don’t see often in Sioux Falls. The Police Reports are scheduled to be reviewed  by the Minnehaha County States Attorney’s Office. Clemens says the charges could be amended in Juvenile Court.