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8-Year-Old Sells Tomato Plants for Sustainability Awareness

You don’t have to wait until college to learn about sustainability. An 8-year-old Sioux Falls girl is starting the green movement early by selling tomato plants in milk cartons.

Allie Weber started selling tomato plants at the Kingswood Rummage Sale last year, after her mom told her she couldn’t sell lemonade. This year, Allie shared her project with her classmates who helped her grow more than 400 tomato plants. Local businesses donated the seeds and dirt, and all of the milk cartons used as planters are recycled. Allie’s mom, Kara Weber, says she wasn’t surprised by Allie’s green project.
“She’s always had ideas bigger than she is. We learned from when she was pretty young to not stifle those ideas because she ends up finding a way to do them anyway. So when she gets big ideas like this, we try our best to support her and see where it leads. This has kind of been a big one and it’s been a fun journey,” Kara Weber says.
The Kids Grow Green Tomato Plant Sale happens Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sioux Empire Farmers Market. Proceeds benefit Ground Works, the Mary Jo Arboretum, and the Black Hills Raptor Center.