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Tips for Safe Driving During Summer Construction

South Dakota motorists will start seeing more road construction across the state as summer weather moves in. The state Department of Transportation has already started some projects, and will continue its construction into the fall. Drivers can prepare themselves for the disruption.

Road construction happens all across the state, on interstates and local highways. Greg Fuller is the Director of Operations with the DOT. He says drivers can see where road construction is happening online at South Dakota’s Safe Travel USA page. But he also stresses driver awareness in reduced lanes and speeding zones.
“There’s an awful lot of stuff going on in those work zones. With all of the stuff you hear these days about distracted driving, a work zone is not the place to be distracted. We need people to really pay attention to what they’re doing, follow the speed limits, follow the signs, and be cognizant that conditions in those work zones can change rapidly,” Fuller says.
Fuller says South Dakota doesn’t have a tremendous amount of construction zone accidents, but officials are always concerned about the potential for crashes. He says all drivers react differently to the changes, so drive defensively.

Click HERE for South Dakota's Safe Travel USA page.