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Thune Comments On Resource Shortage In Rail Services

The Surface Transportation Board is taking public testimony about Rail Service resources in the United States. Many Ag-producers are complaining that there's a rail car shortage and they worry last year's crop is not making it to market.  South Dakota US Senator John Thune is among those testifying.  He says rail service in rural states must remain a high priority.

"As the former South Dakota Rail Director, I understand that our farmers, ethanol producers, and other small business owners rely on rail service from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Canadian Pacific Railway, not only to get their products to domestic and international markets, but also for inputs critical to their businesses," Senator Thune says.

Thune says both small and large businesses are hurt by a lack of resources in the railway system. He says he's concerned for South Dakota communities, businesses and families who rely on the rail system to make a living.