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The Great American Milk Drive

Feeding South Dakota is partnering with other groups from around the state and country for an event called “The Great American Milk Drive.” Officials claim milk is one of the most nutritional beverages but isn’t always available. Online methods are being used Wednesday to collect milk donations.

Feeding South Dakota, and other groups from around the country, are hoping to receive enough milk in one day to supply 12 and a half million families in need. Kerri DeGraff is the Developing Director of Feeding South Dakota.  She says milk is one of the healthiest items a person can donate.

"Well milk is just such a critical staple. It’s a great protein and if we look in terms of what individuals need for a healthy diet, you know calcium; I know it has vitamin D and potassium. It’s obviously very nutritious for families in need but I think especially for young kids in terms of growing and developing," DeGraff says.

DeGraff says “The Great American Milk Drive” is an event that could make a statement and show people from all over, the importance of having milk in the homes of families. DeGraff says milk is usually not an item that is donated to food pantries.

"Unfortunately milk is rarely donated because it has a short shelf life and so we don’t receive a lot of milk donations. In fact, less than five percent of our total product mix is milk but many families need milk as part of their ongoing nutritional diet needs," the Feeding South Dakota Director says.

DeGraff says people can donate online once the drive begins. She says the milk life website has a countdown clock for when the drive starts.

“The Great American Milk Drive” begins Wednesday morning at 10:45 central time. Click HERE to find out more about this nation wide event.