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Lawmakers Discuss Positives Of The 2014 Session

With only one week remaining in the 2014 legislative session, lawmakers are looking at the final bills and issues to be hashed out. Political Leaders in Pierre are also reflecting on some legislation they as positive this year.

Republican State Senator Tim Rave says some things could have gone better during this year’s session, but he says it’s also important to reflect on the improvements made.

"I think a win is finding the money for three-percent for education, for providers and for state workers. I don’t really see those three big items, that’s what I consider the big three and I don’t see them changing to the end," Senator Rave says.

Governor Dennis Daugaard is also pleased about improvements to education funding this year. He says South Dakota separates itself from other states by conserving funds and spending money wisely.

"Many states don’t take that approach. They worry about this year and we’ll worry about next year when we get there. And that’s why you get into trouble in Detroit, that city," the Governor says.

Democratic State Representative Bernie Hunhoff is very pleased with improved funding for education. He says more money will come in time but it’s important to recognize the progress made this year. Representative Hunhoff also says some of the most positive things to come out of the 2014 session are bills that were not passed.

"Some of the things that might have looked like negatives, some of the discrimination bills, didn’t get very polite reception in committee rooms, never even made it to the floor. So that was good news, we could be sitting here with two black eyes like the state of Arizona," Representative Hunhoff says.

Hunhoff says Medicaid expansion is still something state Democrats wanted to see in this year’s session, but he says all in all it was a strong year in bettering the lives of South Dakotans.