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Voters to Decide Fate of Roulette, Keno and Craps in Deadwood

Casinos in Deadwood may soon offer roulette, keno and craps. House Joint Resolution 1001 proposes an amendment to the state constitution to allow the authorization of the games through a ballot measure in November. Senator Mark Kirkeby speaks in favor of the resolution.

“It certainly is not an expansion of what we have—it’s an enhancement of a current legal operation that’s been in existence for 25 years. They’re looking to tune things up. It’s a legal operating entity that employs over 1,700 people, there’s 30 licensed establishments just in Deadwood, we’re not talking about our Native American casinos that could capitalize on this as well,” Kirkeby says.
Proponents of the bill say it will increase revenue in the city, and also has the potential to be used in other cities in the future. They say it’ll encourage South Dakotans to stay in the state to gamble, rather than going to neighboring states. Opponents disagree with expanding games when it might increase gambling addiction. The resolution passed 25 to 10 and will be put on the ballot for voter approval later this year.