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Social Party Host Bill Passes SD House

The South Dakota House passed a bill on Wednesday to punish parents if they serve alcoholic beverages to minors. Senate Bill 163 also protects parents if a party occurs on their property and illegal drinking takes place without them knowing. Republican State Representative Steve Hickey says this is a fair bill.

"This is called a social hosting bill and this is a bill that makes it a class one misdemeanor if an adult and here’s the key word, knowingly. Not should have known but knowingly allows a person under the age of 18 to illegally consume an alcoholic beverage," Representative Hickey says.

Hickey says a parent who knowingly allows a person at ages 19 and 20 to illegally consume alcohol, could be charged with a class two misdemeanor. Opponents to this bill want better measures put in place to put stronger resistance on underage drinking in the state. Senate Bill 163 passed the South Dakota House 62-8 and it goes back to the Senate for approval.