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Hearing Impairment Bill Passes House And Moves Onto the Governor's Office

The State House passed a measure on Wednesday that helps cover medical bills for children with a hearing impairment. Democratic State Representative Julie Bartling says the medical procedures needed to improve a childs hearing can be expensive for family members. She says this bill helps cushion the financial burden.

"Just imagine having a child with a hearing loss. The pain of knowing that that little one may never hear the beautiful sounds that Mother Nature has for us or even the words, I love you, from their mother or father. It would be rather heart wrenching. Parents spoke of the sacrifices that they have and would endure so that their child might hear," Bartling says.

Bartling says Senate Bill 122 does not require insurance companies to cover hearing aids or any other types of hearing technology. She says insurance would only cover the hearing services, not equipment. This bill passed the South Dakota House of Representatives 60-10 and now goes to Governor Daugaard.