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House Passes Out Of State Traffic Camera Bill

South Dakota lawmakers do not support the use of cameras to catch speeders or red-light-runners and now they make it difficult for other states to collect money for using cameras. The South Dakota House passed House Bill 1122 Thursday that protects the due process rights. This bill does not allow South Dakota Collectors to retrieve any out of state civil fines from its residents if those charges come from cameras for speeding and red lights. Republican State Representative Mike Stevens says this just recently became an issue.

"Speed camera down in Sioux City and it’s the same type of a speed camera that was held unconstitutional by one of our circuit court judges in Sioux Falls. It was held unconstitutional for many reasons, but primarily because it did not provide those individuals who received this civil penalty, any type of due process at all," Stevens says.

Representative Stevens says cameras also go against a person’s privacy rights. House Bill 1122 passed the House, 69 to 1, and goes next to the Senate.