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Action Deferred on State Agency Review Bill

A state Senate committee is waiting to vote on a bill that creates a legislative review process for state agencies. Senate Bill 165 gives the legislature the authority to establish performance management reviews to better understand what’s working in a department and what isn't. Senator Phyllis Heineman is the prime sponsor of the legislation. She says legislators often focus only on the impact of their bills during session, rather than what other agencies are doing.

“End of the day, what this is holding all of us, both the executive and legislative branch, to be more accountable and to assure the public they’re truly getting the results they want for the investment they’ve made. You know, I’ve heard the words effective and efficient so many times, and I think what we’re really saying today is it’s about turning the rhetoric of saying we’re effective and efficient into reality,” Heineman says.
Heineman says there should be legislative oversight to monitor agency functions. Dusty Johnson with the Governor’s Office opposes the bill. He says leaders are already working on improving the review process. He says putting it into law might reduce the flexibility needed for departments.