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Senate Passes Bill Protecting Property Owners From Underage Drinking

Senate Bill 163 advanced past the senate on Tuesday. The measure protects property owners against underage drinking. Democratic State Senator Larry Lucas says this legislation revolves around a property owner knowing or not knowing of illegal drinking taking place.

"If you say to them, yeah you can go up there to go swimming or skiing, and a party develops and you did not give them permission, then you would not be liable. Again the key thing is, law enforcement or prosecutors would have to prove that you knowingly allowed the party to go on, (at) your property, while you were not there," Lucas says.

Lucas says if a person knows illegal underage drinking is taking place then they would be held responsible. The state Senator says parents who drink with their kids and underage friends would still be liable as contributing to a minor. Senate Bill 163 passed the Senate 27-7 and it goes next to the house.