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Daugaard Authorizes Funds for Propane Relief

The price of propane in South Dakota is well above the national average. Governor Dennis Daugaard says at the beginning of January, a gallon of propane cost $2. Now it’s up to $4. Daugaard says he’s concerned about South Dakotans who are on low-income energy assistance not being able to heat their homes in the extreme cold. He says he’s authorizing the state to use funds set aside for the low-income energy assistance to help families in the program who are running low on propane.

“Let’s say someone’s got $400 in their account and they need more propane, we would use those dollars in their account and add still another $400 if necessary. If they’ve only got $100 left in their account, we’d use those $100 and add another $700 because 200 gallons at $4 a gallon is about $800 more. I am told that 200 gallons alone, not including what remains in their tank before that addition, 200 gallons alone would get them through a very cold month,” Daugaard says.
Daugaard says it normally takes about 150 gallons of propane to get through a month. He says authorizing the funds in this way should help families make it through the heating season, or until the emergency is over.