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Lawmakers Surprised With The Severity Of Sex Trafficking In The State

Lawmakers are discussing ways to strengthen the sex trafficking laws in the state. Congresswoman Kristi Noem spoke to both house and senate legislators this week, urging something to be done at the state level to help with this issue. Republican Representative Justin Cronin says he is trying to understand why he was not informed of the severity of Sex Trafficking in the state, until Noem spoke on the issue.

"I’m appalled that this wasn’t necessarily brought to my attention in as much detail. I remember that legislation (last year), it was my first year here and we obviously thought there wasn’t a problem and obviously there is. There (were) stark remarks and facts that make us have to sit back and think about our children. I think it embarrasses me personally, that that was the first time I had ever heard about it in such stark contrast and it will be dealt with," Representative Cronin says.

Cronin says this is an issue being discussed heavily by lawmakers on both sides of the isle. He says he hopes to strengthen the penalty for people involved in organizing or managing sex trafficking in the state. Cronin adds parents and communities need to be informed of the severity of this issue.