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Homeless By Choice For A Cause

Dakota State University student Aris Nance started living on the streets of Madison until his organization SHEO (Someone Helps Everyone) raises $12,000. SHEO is creating Survival Kits for men, women and children. These kits are comprised of outsourced materials assembled and shipped to agencies to disperse to their eligible clients. The kits represent short-term help for those who have been released from prison, homeless, runaway teens, single parents, and for individuals in special situations. The Survival Kits are made of things needed while living on the streets, such as a prepaid phone and phone card, first aid kit, national emergency numbers, free meal coupons, disposable underwear, hygiene kit, and educational resources. The kits are meant to give the recipients some hope when it is most needed. SHEO was developed in 2011 as a fundraiser/business project at a university in Tyler, Texas. In the beginning, the focus of the project was to help support a local college student and was meant to symbolize hope, love and Christ with the creation of survival bracelets.