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Adults More Likely Than Teens to Use Phones While Driving

New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows adults are more likely than teens to use their cell phones while driving. The study also shows almost everyone surveyed believe others who text or email behind the wheel are a serious threat to safety.

Marilyn Buskohl with AAA South Dakota says teen drivers are much more aware of the dangers of texting while driving because most laws are focused on them. She says adults often try to multitask, which leads to increased cell phone use behind the wheel. Buskohl says she hopes the AAA’s study will draw more attention to this issue.

“We hope that it’ll bring to light just the dangers of distracted driving, regardless of what age you are. There’s so many factors when you’re driving an automobile, it really is a serious problem that’s happening more and more. But even if your attention is drawn away for a few seconds, it can mean a crash or someone getting injured or hurt. We’re just hoping to bring light to the fact that it isn’t just teens anymore, but it’s adults doing it. We’re hoping that with some education that people will maybe think twice,” Buskohl says.

Buskohl says even though South Dakota doesn’t have a state-wide texting while driving ban, many cities have enacted their own. She says anytime there’s a law prohibiting something, it deters that behavior. She hopes the state legislature will consider a state-wide ban this spring.

Here's the link to the AAA's release: