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Bad Water In The Black Hills

Charles Michael Ray

This year officials in the Black Hills issued several water quality alerts warning the public about high levels of fecal bacteria in a small section of Spring Creek.   The bacteria exceeded EPA thresholds for swimming.  

For some, the pollution found in Spring Creek is a red flag that the Black Hills needs to do better at protecting its water quality over the long term.

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray continues our series “The State of Our State” with a two part story on the efforts to maintain water quality in the Black Hills.

Here is part one examining work to test more waterways in the Black Hills for pollution. 

Here is part two on efforts to find and stop pollution at the source.


Black Hills residents who want to take part in Dakota Water Watch can find more information here.

Here is more information on Dakota Water Watchin East River.   

Here is information on the Spring Creek Watershed Project.