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1200 Job Openings in NE South Dakota

The Executive Director of Absolutely Aberdeen and Prairie Vision says northeast South Dakota has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, including a growing economy.

Julie Johnson says there are currently more than 12-hundred job openings in the Aberdeen area. She says that includes jobs in Aberdeen as well as Webster, Ipswich, Britton, and Redfield, and says the openings are in a wide variety of industries. Johnson says the region is growing, in part because it was not deeply affected by the recession.

“Especially to the degree with the rest of the country was and some of it still is affected by all of that,” Johnson says. “So because of that we’ve just chosen to grow continually. We’ve got industries and various sectors growing all around us because of the abundance we have right now.”

Johnson says the biggest challenge is making sure people are aware of the openings. She says the holiday season is a great time to let friends and family who live out of state know about careers in the area.

To find jobs in the Aberdeen area, visit Aberdeen’s website by clicking here, or visit the Department of Labor’s website by clicking here.