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B1 Crash Investigation Continues.


The investigation into the August crash of a B1-Bomber based at Ellsworth Air Force Base is continuing.

The crash in a remote area of Montana resulted in a total loss of the airplane, but all four crew members ejected safely.

Officials at Ellsworth say they are not conducting the investigation, rather the inquiry into the cause of the crash is being undertaken by higher level brass.    At this time officials won’t release any information on the status of the investigation.  

Master Sargent John Barton at Ellsworth read this statement.

“The accident investigation is on-going.  A report detailing the findings of the investigation will be released to the public as soon as possible,” says Barton.  

Air Force officials will not say how long the investigation could take.

Officials have stated that the crew on board during the crash were flight instructors.  They are noted as some of the Ellsworth’s top rated personnel. 

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