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B1-B Crash Survivors Named


Air force Officials have released the names of the four airmen who survived a B1-B bomber crash on Monday near Broadus, Montana.

Those involved in the crash include both pilots Major  Frank Biancardi and  Captain Curtis Michael.  Two weapons systems officers also ejected safely.  They include Captain Chad Nishizuka,  and Captain Brandon Packard, All the officers are listed as instructors.    Colonel Kevin Kennedy, the 28th Bomb Wing commander says  those involved in the crash had a high level of experience.

“Two of the aviators, one of the weapons systems officers, one of the pilots are two of our most experienced aviators we have on the base.  So, I have complete confidence on every aviator on my base, these are the one’s that train the brand new people on my base. So, I have complete confidence on the crew we put together,” says Kennedy.

Budget sequestration grounded some crews and planes for part of the spring and summer.  
Ellsworth officials expressed concern this move impacted combat readiness.  The details of what caused the B1-B bomber crash have not been released.  Kennedy says the base will review all the maintenance and flight practices for this B1-B in the investigation of this crash.

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