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"Montana Dueling Dinosaurs" Fossil Heading To Auction

One of the most exciting dinosaur discoveries in recent years may not make it to a museum. The find of two dinosaur fossils "locked in mortal combat" will instead hit the auction block in New York, and the set is expected to bring in a $7 to $9 million haul - which would make it one of the most expensive dinosaur fossils ever. Dubbed the "Montana Dueling Dinosaurs," the fossils were found in 2006 by commercial prospectors on private land. According to The New York Times, dinosaur fossils discovered on private property in the U.S. belong to the landowner and aren't controlled as they are in many other countries. That's disappointing many scientists who had hoped to get their hands on the find, which is notable not only because it appears that the two dinosaurs were attacking each other when they died, but also because the fossils may reveal two new kinds of dinosaur. Peter Larson, President of the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, discusses this unique find.