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Vikings Training Camp Underway


Much like every NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings are going through training camp to prepare for the 2013 NFL season. Head Coach Leslie Frazier says he understands the team has a lot of youth on the roster but there are also veterans.  Players like South Dakota Native and University of Iowa graduate Chad Greenway are looked as role models on the field.

Greenway is a former first round draft pick from 2006 and spent his entire career with the Minnesota Vikings. He hails from Mount Vernon South Dakota and participates in local charity and football camps. In June, Greenway was in Sioux Falls for the Sanford Celebrity Football Camp. Greenway says the support he gets from the local fans never gets old.

"It's excellent, I tell you, I've got a ton of supporters from South Dakota; a ton from Iowa, a ton of Hawkeye fans up here too. I couldn't be more blessed to be in a position to be drafted here and be able to spend my entire career so far with the Vikings and you know just have a tons of support coming from across both boarders so I definitely appreciate it," Greenway says.

Greenway says he is continuing to improve even though he is entering his seventh NFL season. The Two Time Pro-Bowl player says he is really impressed with the Vikings defense so far.

"We're looking strong, you know were going to be physical. Offensively were going to be physical too and that's going to be our bread and butter, that's what were going to be known for. That's why putting the pads on and working is what it's for. These are important days for us and we're going to continue to stack good days," Greenway says.

Credit Nate Wek / SDPB
Head Coach Leslie Frazier talking with first round draft pick Xavier Rhodes on the way to practice.

Most of the offseason attention for the Vikings revolves around third year quarterback Christian Ponder. Leslie Frazier is the Vikings Head Coach. He says the way Ponder played near the end of last season has given him a lot of excitement for what's ahead.

"Well it was so encouraging then just to see in a moment where our team could have went either way at that 6 and 6 juncture. For him to step up and really begin to make some crucial plays for us and take more of a reign from a leadership standpoint. It really kind of gave me more confidence about the future with him, it was just good to see. We needed him to play well at that point of the season and we always need that from your quarterback's at that point of the season and that month of December. And he played at a very very high level at a crucial time so it was really encouraging for all of us," Frazier says.

In 2012 the Vikings finished the season with a 10-6 record and a playoff birth. The Vikings are looking to improve this season and Head Coach Frazier says this team has more potential then many think and can be competitive.