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Cyber Security Tips


Last week, two high profile South Dakotans had their Twitter accounts hacked. The U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, Brendan Johnson, and Colonel Craig Price, the Superintendent of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, both had their accounts hacked. Johnson fell prey to what's commonly called a phishing scam. That Twitter page he thought he was logging into wasn't official, rather it was a hacker website that copied his password and hijacked his account. Johnson caught the mistake and fixed it quickly. Officials who maintain cyber security for the State of South Dakota say people should stay away from any links that look suspicious. Emily Kiel runs Social Media for SD Bit and Miguel Penaranda is a Cyber Security Analyst for the state of South Dakota. Penaranda says it's important to maintain multiple passwords for different websites and to go a step further by using a separate computer dedicated only to financial transactions, without Google searches, social media, and e-mail. He also says a separate computer dedicated only to finance is the best way to protect one's bank account.