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Stephanie Arne Wins Mutual Of Omaha Contest

Stephanie Arne

Stephanie Arne is the winner of the Mutual of Omaha competition. She wins $10,000 and a job as the Wild Guide for the internet television series, Wild Kingdom, premiering this fall. This has been a long but rewarding journey for Arne.

This competition started with over 200 applicants and eventually was cut down to just three finalists. Today the Wild Kingdom announced Stephanie Arne as the winner to become their next Wild Guide host. Arne is a Pierre Native and a graduate of South Dakota State. She says she is happy and thankful for this opportunity.

"I’m so grateful, I can’t think of anything except for how grateful I am and how I’ve worked so hard and really working super hard pays off…it does. You stay focused, you believe in yourself, you just take risks and you do whatever it takes and it worked and I’m just so so grateful," contest winner Arne says.

Arne says she has a meeting with Wild Kingdom this week sometime to discuss location for filming the first episode. She says she’ll live in Hawaii until it’s time to film. 

"Yeah and then we’ll go and they’ll fly me from Hawaii to there. We’ll film the pilot and then they’ll edit it and then we will know as of October when we throw the premiere out of what we filmed for the pilot; we’ll see how it goes. And if it blows up and everybody loves it then I’ll be signing a contract as of January and I’ll be full time filming around the nation and hopefully around the world," Arne says.

Arne says this is a dream come true for her and she can’t wait to get started.

For more information visit Mutual of Omaha's Website here