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Rick Weiland Thoughts On "Big Money" Politics

Nate Wek

U.S. Senate Candidate Rick Weiland spoke in Sioux Falls Thursday to offer insight into funds raised for the 2014 campaign. Weiland is against "big money" donations from out of state.

Since the race began, Rick Weiland says he’s raised one-sixth of the money his opponent Mike Rounds brought in – and he’s happy of it. Republican U.S. Senate candidate, former Governor Rounds, has more than $600,000. Weiland has received around $100,000.

"I’m very proud that when this campaigns over, I will not owe my election to the seven and a half million dollars that comes from out of state money and big special interests. They say you dance with the people that brought you, well looking at the mess in Washington D.C. I think it’s pretty obvious that big money is the one that brought a lot of them to the dance," Weiland says.

Weiland says statistically, the candidate who raises more money in a campaign wins 90 percent of the time. But, he says if he is elected, he will propose a constitutional amendment to outlaw "Big Money" in the political system. He says that kind of politics is a bi-partisan problem in need of change.