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Democratic Party Chair Exits To Iowa.


The Chair of the Democratic Party in South Dakota is stepping down to take a new job in an Iowa congressional campaign.

Ben Nesselhuf says he’s moving to Sioux City, Iowa to be closer to his wife who lives there.

Nesselhuf says he believes the state’s Democrats are on a good track for the long term future in the wake of his tenure.

“We’ve worked on a 10 year program that focuses not only on the next election but how do we build a sustainable party that’s going to have an impact on South Dakota for years to come,” says Nesselhuf.

During his political career in South Dakota, Nesselhuf represented Clay and Turner counties in the state legislature.  

He is now the new campaign manager for Jim Mowrer, who is running for Congress against Rep. Steve King in Iowa's 4th congressional district.

Vice-Chair Deb Knecht of Houghton is the new interim Chair for the South Dakota Democratic Party.