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Bison Killed In Wind Cave National Park

Courtesy Wind Cave National Park


Three bison in Wind Cave National Park were killed recently after being struck by a vehicle hauling a trailer.

 Although there were no human injuries, Wind Cave Park spokesperson Tom Farrell says the vehicle was likely going too fast for night travel.

“Well the key is tryna’ keep the speeds low,” says Farrell. “That’s our best defense and that’s why we try to certainly enforce the 45 mile-an-hour speed limit. We’ve introduced some signs along Highway 385 that lets people know what their speeds are and help them recognize that they need to slow down. It’s that and public awareness, interviews like this, that we’re tryna’ get the word out to be careful when you’re driving through the park.”

Farrell adds that the increase in vehicles through the park at this time of year makes the roads even more dangerous for both drivers and bison.

Wind Cave National Park currently has a herd of about 400 bison. Three or four are usually killed each year by motorists.