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Planned Parenthood Offers Free STD Tests

Planned Parenthood is offering free testing for sexually transmitted diseases at it’s Rapid City and Sioux Falls location on Tuesday, June 18th. Officials say sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in South Dakota, particularly in young people.

Planned Parentood Communications Director Jennifer Aulwes says they are offering the free testing day to everyone. She says there’s no appointment needed – just show up.

“STD’s don’t discriminate based on race or age or any other factor so if you’ve been sexually active you are at risk for an STD. So it’s always just a great idea to get tested, its easy, its confidential, and it can just put your mind at ease or let you know if you do need treatment,” says Aulwes.

Aulwes says they are testing for the three most common STD’s in South Dakota - chlamydia, gonorreah, and HIV. She says the tests are simple, they are either a urine test or cheek swab. Aulwes says she encourages people to take advantage of the free testing because many STD’s don’t have symptoms, and if left untreated they can have severe health consequences including infertility.