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Pedestrian Safety Stressed

The Rapid City Police Department is reminding drivers that the old lady crossing the street is not worth 100 points.  Police officials say pedestrian safety is not a game.  
They note that last year 18 people were injured in Rapid City car pedestrian accidents.  Tara Heupel with the Rapid City Police Department says that accidents often happen when pedestrians cross multiple lanes of traffic.

“And one of the main issues that we see is when there is a pedestrian crossing at a crosswalk and one lane of traffic stops for that pedestrian but the other drivers don’t.  So, that’s a huge issue.  If you see a car stopped at a crosswalk there is a reason.  So, make sure you stop as well,” says Heupel.
In 2012 Sioux Falls reported 41 car pedestrian accidents.  
Officials say now that the weather is warming up more pedestrians are out and about and drivers need to be especially cautious.