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Playing It Safe At The Lake


Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off of summer for many. With warm weather forecasted for the holiday weekend there is potential for increased boat traffic on South Dakota lakes.

Brandon Gust is the State Boating Law Administrator. He says boaters need to make sure they have fresh gas and that the battery is fully charged after sitting over the winter. He says to also remember to use good judgment when consuming alcohol in a boat.

“It’s actually called a BUI and that’s a boating under the influence, and the same laws that apply for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence also apply to boating. So, if an officer checks you and finds you to be impaired, by his contact, and taking you through a battery of tests, you can be arrested for boating under the influence,” says Gust.

Gust says that this weekend may be the first time boaters have had their vessels out since last summer so boat owners should double check that license plates and registrations are current. He adds that boats should also have a properly fitting life-jacket for each passenger.