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Lifelight Man Rides Bicycle 1000 Miles

There are many events during the summer months which support certain causes. It can either be a walk or a run to fund research for cancer or other diseases. As SDPB’s Nate Wek reports, there is one man who is riding his bicycle 1000 miles to spread the word of God.

Andy Van Ommeren is riding his bike from Worthing South Dakota to Sherman Texas. This trip equals 1000 miles and the goal is to do it in only 16 days. Ommeren left Worthing on May 7 and he hopes to make it to Texas on May 24, just in time for the states Lifelight Music Festival. Lifelight CEO Alan Greene says Ommeren is riding to spread the word of God to people who he meets along his journey. Greene says the idea of riding a bicycle was decided almost a year ago. He says there are risks involved but an even stronger meaning.

"I think he was hoping that his tires would hold up. He is pulling quite a bit of gear with him and a cross on a trailer behind. Kind of representing the cross of Christ and the restoration that’s find through faith in Christ," Lifelight CEO Greene says.

Greene says a motor home is following behind Andy Ommeren just in case a medical emergency would arise. Ommeren is making several stops along the way to speak in churches or with other religious groups. This is the first time a journey like this has been done for Lifelight. The results of this years adventure could determine if a trip like this should be attempted in future years.