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Beef Crawl Promotes South Dakota Ag


You’ve heard of a pub crawl--where patrons move from bar to bar throughout the night and may end up crawling home by the end.  

But how about a “Beef Crawl?”   The end goal is not inebriation, rather a sampling of local cuisine and a chance to meet local farmers and ranchers.  

In Rapid City the group “Ag United for South Dakota” is promoting an evening beef crawl to three local restaurants.  Kelly Nelson is an organizer.

“There is a lot of disconnect about today’s food production and where our food comes from.   So, it’s an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy eating out and maybe have a question about beef production and maybe meet with a South Dakota farmer or rancher and ask them any questions that they may have,” says Nelson.  

Nelson is not certain if locally raised beef is being served at the event.   But she says many restaurants offer local food and it’s nice for consumers to have that choice.

She adds that Sioux Falls has done both pork and poultry crawls and she wants to see the event expand to other areas of the state.