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Lakota Invite Governor To Community

Governor Dennis Daugaard is scheduled to visit the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation today. Residents of Bullhead have invited the Governor to their community to show how well they’re doing in some areas and to ask for support in others.

Sixteen miles southwest of McLaughlin lies the very rural reservation community of Bullhead. Its 500 residents share ownership – and any profits from - a cow-calf operation, a hunting lodge and a welding business. Plans for s horse barn are also underway with assistance from Sitting Bull College.

Standing Rock Sioux tribal councilman Ron Brown Otter is a resident of Bullhead. He says Governor Daugaard was invited to visit the area to show him the community’s economic development. But they plan to ask the governor for help with a shortage of houses for land parcels.

“We did a lot of infrastructure there over the years,” says Brown Otter. “Paved roads, driveways …sidewalks, lighting. So, all the infrastructure’s there…water, electricity. And we have several lots that we do not have houses on that could be for a young family.”

Bullhead also needs a building to replace their school – parts of which are a century old.

Ron Brown Otter hopes Governor Daugaard is impressed enough by his community’s work to help them improve even more.