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Last Day To Help Feeding South Dakota Win Facebook Contest

Feeding South Dakota


Feeding South Dakota has just one more day to try and win one of 40 grants for the Back Pack programs through the Walmart Fighting Hunger Together Initiative. This $45,000 grant would allow the organization to provide 310 children with weekend food packages for an entire school year. Miranda Ochocki ( O Husky)  is the Executive Services Coordinator for Feeding South Dakota. She says there’s not much keeping them out of the top 40 of this Facebook contest.

“Right now, there’s only 8 votes separating us from the 40th place person. However, they’re pushing really hard as well. I’m watching theirs go up just as ours do and so ya know, we are hoping for maybe a thousand more votes. We’ve actually got 1700 today alone, says Ochocki.”

The last time Feeding South Dakota participated in a Facebook contest, they won a Toyota Highlander Hybrid.