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32 South Dakota Runners in Boston

Two bombs exploded at the finish line of at the Boston Marathon.   More than 60 injuries, and two deaths are reported so far–police officials say the explosions occurred about four hours into the marathon.    

Over 20-thousand people compete in the Boston Marathon each year.  A website associated with the event shows 32 runners from South Dakota ran this year.

Rapid City resident David Mallams says he had completed the race an hour before the explosions occurred.

“When I was leaving the finish area I heard two explosions, and I didn’t know what to think of it I thought something had fell.  I didn’t really know.   The I went to another place here and I went inside and saw all the news and saw all the chaos, people running everywhere and obviously feel; horrible for the people that are injured and it’s just a bad deal all the way around,” says Mallams.  

Mallams says the finish line had very high security in place before the bombing.   Officials are reporting that more explosive devices were found in the area.

President Barack Obama says the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are investigating.  He says those who perpetrated this attack will be held accountable.