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Conference Focuses on Growing Need of Information Security

For some, information security may mean protecting personal records and ones identity. However to many in the field of cyber security it means that and much more. A three-day event at Dakota State University brings students and professionals together to focus on cutting edge information security.

DSU's DakotaCon conference has grown from a campus wide activity to be South Dakota's premiere security event. This year the event offers even more in security information with the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and the Industry Advisory Board meeting also taking place during the three days. 

Josh Pauli is an associate professor of Cyber security at Dakota State University. Pauli said information security has grown to be something that is important for everybody. 
"Security is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. This idea of cyber war or cyber attacks between nations, that a very real thing when the Pentagon stands up and says we’re making forty new teams for cyber security. So it’s a big deal globally and nationally, so this is kinda a good wakeup call that even if you like well I’m not a computer person you need to be aware of it because identify theft and data pillaging effects all of us," said Pauli. 

Pauli said the conference is a good opportunity for anyone interested in learning about information security. DakotaCon will take place on the DSU campus March 22nd through the 24th. Friday and Saturday of the conference is free. There is a registration fee for the day long security training on Sunday.