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State GF&P: Hunting And Fishing Dodge Sequester

State officials say hunting and fishing enthusiasts won’t see a big impact from the federal budget sequester.

Federal dollars used to manage wild game and fish in South Dakota may take a hit in the short term.    But, officials with the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks say the sequester cuts won’t impact long term funding.  

The funding for stocking fish and for managing big game, like elk and deer, comes from sales taxes on hunting and fishing licenses and gear.  Those funds are held by the federal government then redistributed to the states.  South Dakota gets about $10-million dollars per year.

Chris Petersen is a Finance Officer for the state Game Fish and Parks.  He says the federal dollars are earmarked for fish and wildlife.  So, he says the sequester may hold back the money for the short term– but eventually the state will get all the money held by the feds. 

“I would say we’re cautious about sequestration but not overly concerned. Because, even though we may see dollars we’re not getting in this year due to sequestration – it’s literally just a hold back.  Where a year or two from now as they get things figured out on the federal level it’s going to be a little bump we’re going to get those dollars back to us,” says Petersen.

Peterson says the state can bridge the $900-thousand dollars in short term reductions to the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Funds that could happen in the in the coming year.

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