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Journalism Students Visit Capitol

Journalism students from Sioux Falls Washington High School visited the Capitol in Pierre this week for their yearly Winter Honors Trip. Jason Lueth teaches the Advanced Journalism class. Lueth says the students are sitting in on Committee Meetings and mingling with legislators. He says the trip to the Capitol will hopefully encourage the students to become part of the political process.

The students sat in on the Democrat and Republican press conferences on Friday. Austin Nelson is a senior at Washington High School. He says he is interested in politics and has considered a career in journalism. Nelson says visiting the Capitol has given him a unique look at the political process.

“We’ve mostly learned I think just the way that a bill really goes through the House and the Senate and then to the Floor and how it ends up on the Governor’s desk, and just really the legislative process and everyone here has been very accommodating and respectful to us as students and it’s been a great learning experience for all of us,” says Nelson.

In addition to observing the legislative proceedings the students are producing a half hour TV news program for cable access in Sioux Falls. The students spent three days in Pierre watching how journalists at the Capitol interact with legislators. They are returning to Sioux Falls on Friday.