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Labor Shortage Paves Way For Tax Break

A bill to exempt educational facilities from property tax overcame its first hurdle in the state legislature.

Senate Bill 199 gives a tax break to vocational schools and other learning facilities. Some of the schools are run by labor unions.  They help electricians, welders and other skilled laborers get accreditation and training. 

Those like Republican State Senator Ryan Maher support the bill because of the shortage of trained workers in South Dakota.   In committee Maher had kind words for the labor union representatives who came to support the bill.

“I wish you the best of luck and hope you have continued success.  I didn’t even know such a program was out there.   So I just find it kind of fascinating that there is such programs out there because this state is in serious need of electricians,” says Maher.

The committee went on to pass the bill.  They added it to the consent calendar.   This potentially gives it a faster track through the State Senate.