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SnoCross Shootout Comes To Deadwood

Several inches of new snow fell just in time for Deadwood’s first SnoCross Shootout. The event is a snowmobile race with performers hitting big jumps at top speeds on a challenging track.

The International Series of Champions, better known as the ISOC, is an organization that brings snowmobile races to fans in snowy locations across the nation. Deadwood is the latest in the series where more than one-hundred-fifty professional racers will showcase high-speed racing at what's called the SnoCross Shootout.

Sarah Anderson is an Event Coordinator with the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce. She says the SnoCross Shootout features some of snowmobiling’s top racers.

“If anybody watched the X-Games last weekend in Aspen they’ll know exactly what’s going on this weekend because most of those racers are here in Deadwood. It’s a two-day event. Some of the racers; Tucker Hibbert, Ross Martin, Jennifer Pale, they’re all going to be here,” says Anderson.

Anderson says that several thousand visitors are expected at the snowmobile races. Temperatures in the high thirties are forecasted for the weekend.