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Peltier Supporters Push For Clemency With Concert

On Friday night in New York City a concert is taking place to call for the release of Leonard Peltier.

Peltier is an American Indian Movement Activist serving two life sentences for killing two FBI Agents during a shootout on Pine Ridge in the mid 1907’s.  

The concert includes Peter Seeger, Harry Belafonte, Jackson Brown and others along with Hollywood stars like Danny Glover and Michael Moore.

The supporters of Leonard Peltier call him an innocent political prisoner.  His opponents call him a convicted killer. Given his failing health in prison supporters like Jack Magee, an organizer of the concert, are asking President Obama to give Peltier clemency now.

“He’s had a stroke, his diabetes, heart condition, increasing prostate problems—They say a person in prison for the length of time he’s been in is 10 years older physically than someone out here with access to medical care,” says Peltier.

Presidents normally consider clemency petitions at the end of their last term in office.   When President Bill Clinton’s considered freeing Peltier  about five-hundred FBI agents picketed the Whitehouse in opposition.