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SDSU's 'It Starts With State' Campaign

South Dakota State University development officials are finishing a four-year, 220-million dollar fundraising campaign.  The “It Starts with State” campaign has led to 14 new capital projects on campus—with building renovation a key part of the effort.  Steve Erpenbach with the S-D-S-U Foundation says people in his office won’t have a lot of down-time between campaigns.

“We’ll have our campaign celebration in April, in the spring, when a lot of folks are back on campus.  But we know there will be an ongoing need for fund-raising—and by virtue of 22 thousand different people have contributed to this, we’ll continue to ask people, and hopefully provide good opportunities for them to invest in South Dakota State.  But we want to finish very strong here.  220 million is great, but we think there’s an opportunity to do more.  Once we get past that, I know there’ll be other opportunities for people—in scholarships, opportunities and programs that we think will be worthy of their investment, says Erpenbach.”

Dana Dykhouse of Premier Bank, Daktronics founder Al Kurtenbach, and vintner Jerry Lohr are chairman of the campaign—the group reached the  220 million dollar mark in August of this year.